Bryan Mt Liberty 4

Mt Liberty - NH, Sept 2021

I grew up in VT and moved to the Boston area after college in 1988.  Eventually I moved to southern NH where I lived for 8 years before retiring and relocating to Singapore in 2021.

In 1995 I went on my first international trip; to Japan for business, but I managed to sneak in a little hiking.  Ever since traveling has been a part of my life for work and for play, and over the years I logged over 4M miles in the air.

For many years most of my personal trips involved a bicycle or a backpack and I always enjoyed snapping photos along the way.  But in 2014, photography began to change for me after I bought my first "professional" camera.  It took a few years and a few good friends to help me understand that being a good photographer was about so much more than the gear you carried in your bag.

My  website is an ongoing collection of photos mostly starting in 2014.  The Home page is a random collection of my favorite photos, hopefully fun to browse through.  Travel / NH & Nearby are photos organized by places.  The Collections sections is where I have organized photos across locations and years into different subjects.  And finally Stories is one of my favorite groups of photos.  This is where I gathered photos with a specific experience and story I wanted to share with some words to go with the images.

Thanks for stopping by my site.  You can reach me by email me at Bryan.Johnson@bikerbry.com