Hi... I am a retired engineer that spent over 30 years working in the Semiconductor industry.  Over those years I traveled the world for business and for fun.  I always enjoyed taking pictures along the way.  But in 2015 I discovered, with some help from many friends, photography can be so much more than pointing a camera and pushing the shutter.  Ever since then I have been trying to improve my craft.

I also use to try and always travel the world with a bike or a backpack.  Now I like to go the easy way most of the time.  : )

As I am typing this in March 2022.  It appears we will soon be getting back to traveling after more than 2 years of staying put.  I retired Feb 2021 and have recently moved to Singapore from southern NH, USA.

I just began to redo the website using a new hosting service.  So it's work in progress, but I guess is always is.  But a lot more galleries should be added soon

As 2022 progresses I am hoping to be adding more travel photos from new places soon.

Cheers,   Bryan.   You can reach me by email me at Bryan.Johnson@bikerbry.com

Yosemite was first place for me to shoot with a "real camera" and I hauled all the camera, camping and pack backing gear from Fresno CA by bike. It was great trip and I learned so much about taking photos.   I also learned it's not wise to carry so much stuff on a bike.